Vertically Integrated Sourcing


We have our own farms, work with local growers and partner with associations to grow the best coffee.


We use the newest tech, like our cold mill that preserves coffee bean embryos to keep them alive.


Our international network of fulfillment services lets us oversee the shipping of all Traviesa orders.


We currently distribute to 6 warehouses in the US and can even deliver bags with your company’s logo!

We come from the same land as our coffee.

And because of that, we are as connected the land as the cultivators who grow our delicious coffee. We share in their national pride and have forged bonds with them over decades. And most importantly – we were born and raised here, living on the slopes of the Andes just like them.

That means when you buy from Traviesa, you’re benefiting from the intimate knowledge only a local can have.