Las Violetas is a specific group of farms of Antioquia department where are from special process coffees. In this case Natural, Red and Yellow Honey.
Antioquia is a Colombia department, located in the northwest of the country, its weather is varied due to its diverse and complex relief as to the extension of the territory. It is the 6th most extensive department of Colombia, and the most populated.



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  • Fragance / Aroma 8.00
  • Taste 8.00
  • Afer Taste 8.00
  • Acidity 8.00
  • Body 8.00
  • Balance 8.00
  • Uniformity / clean cup / sweetness 30.00
  • Overall grade 8.00
  • Final score 86.00


creamy body, honey, prolonged residual, red fruits, wine