Brave families were in charge at the end of the 19th century of paving the way for coffee farming in the mountainous geography of Caldas its lands are fertile lands thanks to the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano that makes the coffee of this region different to the rest.

Caldas coffee is special. It is grown in 25 municipalities, carrying within them the dedication and love of the growers.

In Caldas, coffee is the driving force of the economy, it is the basic sustenance of 32,459 families who depend directly on coffee.


Most of the farms has a sun drying process and a fermentation control between 12 to 36 hours depending of the latitude.


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  • Fragance / Aroma 7.75
  • Taste 7.50
  • Afer Taste 7.75
  • Acidity 7.50
  • Body 7.75
  • Balance 7.50
  • Uniformity / clean cup / sweetness 30.00
  • Overall grade 83.50
  • Final score 84.00


cherry, chocolate, delicate clean, dry fruit, juicy body, moderate citric acidity, sweet, vanilla