Finca Buenavista is owned by Mrs. Jose OrdoƱez. It was acquired more than20 years ago. This farm is at 1,650 MASL, has 12,000 coffee trees planted and is located in the Vereda (Primavera) in Pitalito Municipality, in Huila Department.


The coffee is harvested every three weeks picking only the beans with the right degree of maturity, later it is deposited in a floatting tank where a selection is made by water where the mature beans stay in the bottom and the lighter beans stay floating, then those are separated from the ripe beans, afterwards are pulped and fermented between 19 to 22 hours. In the sun drying process, coffee grower put a plastic over the coffee in order to avoid overdry the coffee, once this process is finished, it is packed in fique bags and is leave it to stabilize for 10 days and then it is transported to our miller in Manizales city.