Finca San Jose is a story of immigrants from Antioquia, hard working people and with a great love for family and work in the field. The story begins with immigrants from Jardin Antioquia area who came to Santa Rosa de Cabal in 1934. Santa Rosa de Cabal belongs to Risaralda in Colombia located in the Western Cordillera and is one of the 14 Municipalities, its economy is based on agriculture and coffee is one of the main sources of income. This land has very fertile soils and optimal climate for the coffee industry. There, Mr Gilberto and Mrs Fabiola began San Jose history with the purchase of a small piece of land. Over the years, thanks to an innate ability trader, possibly inherited from those roots from Antioquia, Mr Gilberto begins consolidating what is now Finca San Jose through buying small neighboring farms.


The coffee is picked separately only red cherries and the yellow beans apart. After they picked the coffee, this is weighed and placed in a floating tank to separate the beans with better maturity, then the coffee is pulped and live it for 24 hours for fermentation, after this period of time the coffee is washed with spring water from the same farm.
After the previous process, the coffee is taken to the sun drying place with a movable roof which control the temperatures during the day and night. This process can take between 2 to 3 days depending on the weather. Then when the coffee is dried, is packed in fique bags and grain pro bags to preserve it for longer. The coffee is delivered with a moisture no higher than 11%. In this farm they do not spread chemicals to control the broca. They control through awareness in the collection.
Once the harvest is done, they go back to the coffee plantation to pick the beans that could fall in the soil and this will prevent the broca naturally. This process is made every 15 days after harvest.