Finca Villa Coffee belongs Asotbilbao cooperative and is certified Organic, it is located in the municipality of Planadas Tolima in the Vereda Cristalina, is owned by Mr. Jairo Lopez many years ago, it has 16 hectares where there ate 4,500 coffee trees planted.


At this farm the pickers make a manual recolection, selecting only the mature beans, afterwards the coffee is left in cherries 36 hours for a dry fermentation for and after that they move the coffee to a drying beds for 28 days depending on the weather.


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  • Fragance / Aroma 8.00
  • Taste 8.00
  • Afer Taste 8.25
  • Acidity 8.00
  • Body 8.25
  • Balance 8.00
  • Uniformity / clean cup / sweetness 30.00
  • Overall grade 8.25
  • Final score 86.75


cherry, floral, fruity, malic acidity, red fruits