Finca Sausalito is owned by Mr. Hernando Garcia, located at 1,800 to 1,950 masl in Manizales city, is a typical small farm, managed directly by the owner and his family. Sausalito has 12 hectaresof which 7 are of coffee cultivation, the rest of the land is dedicated to keep the native forest, the house and the beneficio.

Mr Hernando Garcia and his family are in charge to grow coffee and also vegetables for self-sufficiency of the family.

Finca Sausalito is a beautiful small piece of land that has an excellent weather that contribute to obtain excellent coffees.


The best coffee beans are picked, traditional pulping is done, in addition to a controlled fermentation process, the drying processes are carried out in a house-type dryer with plastic and lasts 10 days, it is packed in bags with the ideal moisture of 10% to 12%


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  • Fragance / Aroma 8.25
  • Taste 7.75
  • Afer Taste 8.00
  • Acidity 7.75
  • Body 7.75
  • Balance 7.75
  • Uniformity / clean cup / sweetness 30.00
  • Overall grade 85.00
  • Final score 85.50


caramel, chocolate, creamy body, dry fruit, fruity, prolonged residual, sweet, vanilla