Colombian Update May 18, 2021

To all our friends, partners, and clients that have seen growing Traviesa Coffee as a company during these last years, we want to inform you of the current situation in Colombia, as many of you have been able to find out through international news, Colombia is going through a difficult situation and now Anti-government protests entered the third week, in which strikes led by truckers have directly affected the supply-chain timelines in regards to the movement of coffee from producing regions.

Many coffee producers have not been able to deliver the coffee to our dry mill in Manizales city, there is no way to transport coffee for export as the main roads to Colombian ports are blocked. Given these circumstances, we expect 2-3 weeks of delay, that is way, we estimate that our coffees will be arriving at the United States warehouse in July, therefore, please do not hesitate in contracting your coffees forward to guarantee your constant supply. We will be providing an updated report in conjunction with any future developments.

Thank you very much for your loyalty and support, we will keep working, cultivating the best specialty coffee for you!