Traviesa Coffee- Specialty Coffees Get height quality coffees for accessible pricing

Traviesa Coffee knows the importance of consistency and sustainability at accessible prices. Our vertically-integrated supply means that we follow each step of the process, in the farms, in our own milling and coffee exporter plant located in Colombia, import and distribution of our own coffees and allies in the USA and Canada market, this means consistent quality that you can rely on.

Traviesa Cofee has the expertise and premium products line to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. We will work with you to select the ideal coffee that fits your preferences. Our team will assist with anything you need, no matter what size your business may be, we are happy to help.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about which coffee to choose? Let’s take a look at the offering.

Single origins: Our Single Origin or regionals are characterized by having a consistent cup profile year-round. depending on where is grow you can obtain the sweetness or acidity you need, they come from several farms from the same región which allows keeping constant supply and high volumes, are screen 16-17-18 what means they are almost supremo and score 84+

Certified Organic coffees: Our Organic coffees are usually from two of the main coffee regions of Colombia, Tolima, and Huila. Tolima is characterized by producing the best organic coffees in the country, with its characteristic of chocolate, Orange, sweet and fruity notes, with a juicy body, on the contrary, the coffee from Huila is characterized by a fragrance and aroma of chocolate, sweet and fruity, floral, medium-high acidity and a good balance. Score 84+

Palo Rosa Sugar Cane Decaf: EA process hails from Planadas Tolima. Natural Ethyl Acetate It is derived from sugar cane in Colombia, it is combined with fresh spring water and it is decaffeinated at the decaffeination plant in Manizales, the same city where our milling and coffee exporting plant is located. The best Decaf you can find in the market, it preserves its profile and reaches an 85+

Estate coffees: our coffee farms allow you to have direct access to stories behind the Coffee your customer’s purchase.

The benefits of working long-term with Traviesa Coffee are immeasurable. The opportunity to work with a producer and create a real sustainable product is only part of what we have for you.

Need a bag with your brand on it? No problem! Traviesa Coffee offers private label packaging for both Wholesale and Retail options.

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