Our new SELECTO H2O DECAF ORGANIC is to die for!


This week at the West Coast, something remarkable took place. An amazing product from Traviesa Coffee arrived to delight you and to be more than your summer love.

The renowned decaf from Traviesa Coffee welcome another member of the family, our new H2O SELECTO DECAF ORGANIC. We moved our most exclusive coffees to develop this process. Using the pure and clear water of the glaciers of the highest and most beautiful mountains and inactive volcanos. In the process of decaffeination, green coffee beans are immersed in water in order to extract caffeine. Water contains the soluble components of coffee beans, which retain the elements of taste; So during the extraction of caffeine the beans keep their original components.

To separate the caffeine from the water containing the soluble components, it passes through a special filter which removes the caffeine. This results in “coffee solid soluble charged water” saturated with flavor components but free of caffeine, which is used again in the extraction process.

As a result of this process, we obtain coffee beans that are 99.9% free of caffeine. Once the decaffeination process is over, the beans are dried and packaged.

Decaffeinated coffee by natural process must maintain a high percentage of the organoleptic properties (flavor, aroma, body, acidity, etc.) of the same coffee before decaffeination.

All our decaf products are characterized by their unparalleled flavor and the experience of a decaffeinated coffee that you can not tell is a decaf but you can absolutely notice the highest quality, the best flavor and the best cupping profiles.

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