DEL ORIGEN. Never miss again a great coffee for not being at spot on time, get the best of Colombia in record time with the freshness you need.


Traviesa Coffee is growing and we want to introduce you the new member of the family, our DEL ORIGEN.

We want to give you the alternative to have the freshest, most unique and exclusive coffees directly from the origin to your roastery in 5 days or less in a Handy presentation of 25Kg. Traviesa Coffee is making direct trade a full and tangible reality in association with one of the best logistics and delivery companies having free shipping from Manizales, Colombia (our mill plant and headquarters) to your facilities in the USA or Canada (Shall we say again, in record time?)

Another plus is you can mix the coffees however you like, completing your requirements with the highest quality and freshness standards. This can be very useful if you are a small batch roaster, if you want to give a coffee a try or want to make a very, very special offer, because you know what they say: The best things come in small packages.

The minimum order is 50KG (2 x 25 Kg) and maximum order of 300Kg. Your coffee will be packed in GrainPro bags and our signature fique packaging, those are delivered in individual boxes. Our offerings include the finest Single Origin, Estate coffees, Exotic Varieties and Decaf.

See the full offering in our website or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.