Extraordinary Colombian Coffees
Straight from the Source

We are as Colombian as the Coffee we grow.

For 4 generations Traviesa has worked to process and export the highest quality Colombian specialty coffee, all sourced from own fincas and local growers producing the most unique Colombian flavors on the market. We act as a logistics and commercial liaison between high quality growers, and coffee roasters in North America and Canada.

Delicious Coffee that is cultivated year round.

Our coffee beans come from various regions throughout Colombia, each with distinct bio-diversity and ecological makeups that contribute to the nuances of their flavors. Every year we invite coffee roasters from around the world to visit the origins of Traviesa coffee beans, from the deepest valley to the steepest slope of the Andes.

Visit our blog to learn more about the annual Colombian Sourcing Trip:

Colombia Sourcing Trip

From the farm to your roaster.

COLOMBIA SOURCING TRIP – (OCTOBER-NOVEMBER/2019) Traviesa coffee family is very glad to invite you to our next origin trip. If you want to live this once in a lifetime experience, meet new people and learn a lot more about the coffee industry, this one is for you!


The origin of our coffees.

Learn how our coffees are carefully cultivated from freshly tilled Colombian soil. Every step of the way we take the utmost care to ensure quality…

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